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Pay-off & Inquiry Systems:
How do Pay-offs work now for the Carrier?

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How does it work now?

  1. Find lienholder information from policy
  2. Lookup lender contact information from rolodex
  3. Call Lender's Help Desk, or access Lender's IVR system
  4. Say/enter 17-digit VIN
  5. Request Guarantee Letter from Lender (fax, email, snail-mail)
    1. Follow-up
    2. Follow-up
  6. Send funds to lender (check) with instructions to ship title to agent/auction
  7. Lender produces pick slip, ships title
    1. Follow-up
    2. Follow-up
    3. If no title, Lender sends Lien Release letter
    4. Insurer applies for new title

Lender Holds Lien and Title

Lender holds Lien and Title

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